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Refuge for the rational.

Friday, December 03, 2004

It turns out I went over the alotted character limit for comments. See below:

I think this problem is reflective of a few basic problems working in tandem. The first, is the very human trait of needing to classify and categorize everything. I think that most so-called disorders are simply peoples individual quirks being completely blown out of proportion, and in fact, I've even met people who seem to WANT to be classified with some kind of mental health issue. Talk about sick.
The second is a result of the first. People do not take responsibility for their behaviours. It's easier to say that something is wrong than to own up to the fact that you act like a fucking idiot sometimes. It becomes difficult when dealing with children because they are still so young and often confused and unable to see the errors in their ways. Shoving them into some category instead of teaching them to correct their behaviour is about the stupidest thing I can think of.
The third is our fundamental values. The sick structure of our society is all smokescreen. Make money, get married, have kids. Money runs the world; everything is only worth what someone will pay for it. Protect yours. Make your high school buddies jealous. Pretend everything is okay. Fuck. I can't even stand it anymore. Hasn't it occured to anyone that our society has the greatest suicide rate (along with Japan). Why do you think this is? Could it perhaps be because the only thing we're taught to value is something so basic, worldly and ultimately so inconsequential?

Dear Readers, 

I'm frustrated at my recent lack of entries. I've been insanely busy due to circumstances beyond my control. These will likely be outlined in a future post.

My brain is becoming stagnant, it would seem, or at least that is the way it seems to me. I've decided that this Death/Life of a salesman shite is simply not for me; not that I ever bought into it. I'm thankful I don't make commission because the worst of it is being subjected to people who are only driven by the material. It has made me rather misanthropic about my co-workers and the entire (ongoing) experience.

The decision includes a follow-up. It is time to remove myself from this situation. I'm not entirely certain where I'm going to go, but I think it will have to entail researching or writing (anyone with any ideas can feel free to let me know). This, combined with the recent events alluded to previously are keeping me quite busy. This is why I'm writing this entry. I was waiting for time to respond to some of the comments that people were kind enough to post in the last entry, but I've decided to stop waiting for time and just do it on company time. My response is posted in the comments section below.

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